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Our reds are easy on the palate. We craft our reds to meet the novice of wine drinkers levels and we the believe that the skillful wine lovers will be delighted too. We create our family wines to be fruitful and in keeping with our heritage we produce wines that you can enjoy now.

We create our whites to match the numerous foods that we serve at the winery. We want a full sensory experience for our visitors.                  Sight, Sound, Taste and Smell.

We can control the taste and smell, but mother nature has to help us with the sights and sounds of the river area.

New Blends

We are constantly creating new blends for a refreshing tasting experience. Unlike store bought wines, you will be able to find the one you like to match the food we have available  at our winery.


"Save a ticket to Italy and visit our Winery Instead"
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